The flawed pursuit of Happiness

Rishabh Aggarwal
2 min readMar 1, 2021


The above picture depicts exactly what’s wrong with us (in author’s opinion)

I have a lot of issues with the world we live in today. I can probably write a b̶o̶o̶k̶ a medium article about it. Yeah! I am a man of few words ladies, and I am single (as on date of publication of this article, sorry future wife).

So back to the point, I feel that we feel so many emotions (haha!). Each with its own set of uniqueness and quirks. But our culture largely focuses on achieving happiness, which is a little sad you know! (Oops, sorry guys).

In fact, let’s think about a world where people are actually achieving to be sad, would we be happier then? This would indeed be an intriguing world order. Our revolting thoughts would follow a pattern like this-

Suppose there is a moment you stop feeling sad,

Then you will start feeling sad (because it’s not your default emotion);

Thus, you will start feeling happy (because you have achieved sadness);

But then you will start feeling sad (because happiness is not your default emotion)

and the roller coaster will continue…… (Schröndiger’s equation anyone?)

So back to the point, have you ever thought, dear reader, that the pursuit of happiness can actually make you sadder? And you could have been better off without actively pursuing it? If you are still reading, you would know by now, that I love thought experiments. So here is another one.

Focus, just on your breath and try to actively breathe. (Try this for 3 seconds, before moving ahead)

Don’t stop breathing!

Did you stop?

You don’t have to stop breathing!

Focus on breathing, it’s so easy!!

Ok, so how did it feel? Did you feel uneasy? Breathing is an involuntary action. It is supposed to just flow. Why can’t happiness or rather our emotions be like that? Just let it flow.

Be water my friend- Bruce lee

So back to the point, there is no point! Don’t fret it. Be happy! :)

(Are you happy now, world??)